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I'm doing some consulting for U of Wisc OshKosh and they needed some assistance coming up with a refined and complete set of expectations for the position.
But, on a larger scale, I am interested in doing this for everyone -- so many times we reinvent the wheel.  I will post all the various ideas and perhaps it can be used as a laundry list for others.   My mantra -- "The Easy Button"
Thanks for helping others and for being a true community member.
Cathy aka padl

Date: Thu, 17 Jul 2008 09:53:43 -0400From: etspec at langate.gsu.eduTo: educators at lists.secondlife.comSubject: Re: [SLED] Island/Sim Manager job description - Please contribute

Well, I am the admin for our sims. Some of the other duties you may want to include:
Collecting and reporting visitor statistics and sim usage This helps you to keep the funding coming if you show high usage. RabbitStats is good and free to educators.
Advertising - Getting the word out that you have a SL presence. This may also include some coordination with your university relations department. Mine has put me in contact with several news reporters and resulted in great coverage for the university.
Accountant - Download the admin avie transaction report each month. Keep a record of what was spent for what items or, if given to an instructor, their name and purpose. Auditors will love it.
General Tour Guide - Show off the sim to visitors and classes. Know the history of why the sim was developed and the process. I get this question a lot.
The admin should also understand land management, how to sub-divide and grant privileges if necessary, how to set permissions (like auto clean-up prims), streaming media, dealing with griefers.
Where's the application? <smiles>
(aka Downtown Bloch)
>>> padlurowncanoe Dibou <padln at hotmail.com> 7/17/2008 9:11 AM >>>I am putting together a list of skills/duties/expectations that a college or educational organization may require if it were to hire a full-time individual to develop and manage their SL presence.  If some of you out there have already created such a job description for your campus or organization, paid or volunteer, please share it with me off list.  But I would like everyone to share their ideas of what this job description should entail and please include anything out of the ordinary -- from general ideas down to specifics that you feel should be spelled out in such a situation.   These can be submitted off list or on list, your preference,  but on list often stimulates both new ideas and refinement of ideas.   I will share the accumulated results with SLED. To stimulate discussion, I will throw out some random thoughts that need refinement -- managing/safeguarding/organizing the island inventoryevent managementschedulingstudent/visitor interactionpaper mgt trail/avi access in the event of their absencelegal agreements involving ownership of property - ideas, objects, etchours in generalon island hours? (like office hours)staff/student supportmeeting attendance both in and out of worldbuilding to inc collaboration to meet ind. staff needs/desiresbudget responsibilitypresentingother communication I think it will be a benefit to all if such a list is available to pick and choose from depending on individual wants and needs, but, for me, the biggest benefit is that it is less likely that I would leave off something very important.  Eeeek!  I hate it when I do that! Thanks in advance to everyone! Cathy Walkeraka padlurowncanoe Dibou   

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