[SLED] VAST 2008: Call for Publications and News Update 9th Intern Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archeology and Cultural Heritage

Giovanna Urdangarain gurdangarain at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 13:18:42 PDT 2008

I thought this conference could be of interest to people working in SL on
topics related to archeology and the virtual.

2nd Call for Publications

We are at a unique point in history, where cultural heritage professionals
must work to care for the physical past while assuring that there will be a
digital record for the future.

The challenge we propose is to bring to bear the knowledge and expertise of
the VAST network of researchers and professionals that will lead to
sustainable practices of stewardship for the long term, for tangible,
intangible and virtual heritage alike.

We see this symposium as a dialogue on the present and future of archaeology
in the 21st century. The sessions, papers, tutorials and workshops will
explore the wealth of opinions and expertise on this vast topic, ranging
from nuts-and-bolts practical information on geographical information
systems to producing non-linear narratives and multi-vocal visualizations of
the past.

We are seeking contributions that advance the state of the art in the
technologies available to support sustainability of human heritage.

 Alberto Proenca
Chair Organizing Committee
Dep. Informatica
Universidade do Minho
4710 Braga, Portugal
Phone: +351 253 604430
Email: info at vast2008.org
Visit the website at http://www.vast2008.org

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