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You don't often see mention of the hookers and drug dealers walking the streets outside of Broadway shows when reviews of the shows are printed in the NYT.  There are homeless people that you sometimes have to dodge or step over when going into museums and other civic attractions, but those are also not mentioned in the tour guides and newspaper features of these attractions.  You wouldn't often see a map like this http://www.spotcrime.com/ca/san+francisco printed in the San Francisco Chronicle's entertainment section. 
Using the "free advertiser ads" in a big city as a comparison to a respected publication like the SF Chronicle is not an apples to apples comparison, more of an apples to nuts<bwg>.  I see no relationship between the free advertiser newspapers and a very positive article in the SF Chronicle on Second Life related to support groups.  They made an error placing that paragraph in this article, as it cut the audience (especially of forwards and copies of the article) to other educators. This is especially true with administrators who already worry far too much about the adult content in Second Life.
I just don't see why reporters are compelled to put this stuff in their articles.  Second Life is mature enough now (after 5 years) that this should not have to be pointed out in every single article on Second Life.  
And as far as finding things that are not adult, the new search in Second Life does a pretty good job of taking it out (although the ads to the right sometimes still show some) when the include mature content box is unchecked.  
Stan Trevena
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I agree with those saying the sex paragraph should have been cut form the SF Gate article.  

There was a conversation at Metanomics this morning that was interesting relative to this.

One person asked how to find activities in SL that weren't about sex. Fleep and I and others said we really don't run into it much if at all. Person asked how we did that, and we described using groups, Fleep's education calendar, quality SL media and similar strategies. Person said they were searching in the Events calendar posted on SL web site. Observation was made that the event calendar is basically spam, and has the same amount of sex and drugs that you would expect from spam. 

What do you get when you pick up the free advertiser in any large city? Read those ads and what would you think? That there is nothing in NYC (or SF or Detroit or Chicago or ...) except sex and other unsavory activities. But when you visit those cities, what you go see are the cultural activities - shows, theater, dance, nice restaurants, museums, libraries, musicians, etc. Right? Why expect SL to be different?

Patricia Anderson / Perplexity Peccable
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