[SLED] more on healthcare in San Francisco Chronicle today

cmkent at fas.harvard.edu cmkent at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Jul 14 08:26:06 PDT 2008

For those of us who take SL very seriously, this is wonderful press.  We need
more of this, and less of the "midnight sick-os find love and sex in virtual

Have any of you educators had luck getting good press in your university and
college papers?  Harvard now has some seriously interesting but not-yet-public
experiments going on, as I know many of your institutions do.  But when I talk
to communications folks about doing some press on it...it's as if they hold up
a silver cross, and back away slowly...

I think past press coverage has done unmeasurable harm.

Carrie Kent
(aka Carrie Pennell)

Quoting Pathfinder Linden <pathfinder at lindenlab.com>:

> This is fantastic...
> http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/07/11/LVL211GP5C.DTL
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