[SLED] Socialization Activities: examples and experiences?

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Here are a few ideas:
1. Scavenger hunts - During my first class with beginners I set up flags
with notecard givers around our island.  Students have to locate the
notecards, read the included basic skill how-to, and perform the included
task.  While there is quite a bit of helping I would send students in pairs
next time.
2. Take the group on a mysti-tool follow chair tour.  (I'm not sure if the
list supports attachments but if you request I'll send a pic offlist) This
is great fun, avatars are bunched together on the chairs and don't get lost.
3. There is a giant likert scale floor mat onto which students can step for
their answer choice.  I make up get-to-know-you statements and we all have
fun looking to see our similarities and differences.  ("Winter is a good
season.")  The scale also features a nice pie chart that auto calculates the
% of respondents in each part of the scale.
4. I take groups to weather island and go surfing or biking (haven't tried
skiing yet)

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