[SLED] Colorado Fossils now on Display in-world

Lloyd Onyett lonyett at iup.edu
Sat Jul 12 14:55:33 PDT 2008


Our Archaeology and Anthropology faculty are developing an island to 
do just that.... including providing our students with special tools 
(designed to work very much like those in real life that would be used 
for locating objects beneath the surface). The island is Archaeology 
Island, owned by Indiana University of Pennsylvania (yeah, I know... 
confusing name, but we are located in the town of Indiana in the state 
of PA, and not related to the "other" Indiana Univ). We are still 
working on the island development, so at this time it is a closed 
island, except to our own students. We have replicas of several digs 
our faculty are involved in, and even have a sunken ship in the lagoon 
(a replica of one off the coast of Cyprus).

If you are interested in more about our Archaeology Island and the 
work we are doing on it, you can contact Dr. Beverly Chiarulli in 
Anthropology at:  Beverly.Chiarulli at iup.edu or Dr. R. Scott Moore in 
History at:  Robert.Moore at iup.edu

Lloyd  "Komputer Merlin"

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On Sat, 12 Jul 2008 14:22:06 -0600
  "Lisa Dawley" <lisadawley at boisestate.edu> wrote:
> John, this is so cool, congratulations!  It would be fun to create 
> animation that would allow users to work in the dirt and unearth the
> fossils as they go. hehe
>>>> "John Jamison" <jjamison at imagilearning.com> 07/12/08 2:17 PM >>>
> Hello SLED'ers,
> I'd like to invite anyone interested to visit our first public 
> of a
> collection of fossils from the Roan Plateau on the Western Slope of
> Colorado. This display is just one small part of a larger collection 
> several hundred fossil photos we were fortunate to have given to us 
> the
> amateur archaeologist who discovered them.
> The current display is of winged insects, found in the rock layers
> around
> the oil shale strata in the cliffs just above the community of
> Parachute,
> Colorado. Though the actual fossils are only millimeters in size, we
> have
> enlarged the images to bring out the amazing detail in some of the
> insects.
> The full display opens on Wednesday, July 16, but the doors are open
> now.
> The fossils are in place, and all that is missing yet is some of the
> supporting data we will be adding for instructional purposes. Feel 
> to
> stop by any time.
> The current display is in the East Room of the imagiLEARNING 
> Center, at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/imagiLEARNING/48/143/21
> If you just start at the normal entry point of our main island,
> imagiLEARNING, you will find the long, Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie 
> Conference Center by flying North, or by following the paths across 
> bridge either to the North or East.
> If you have questions, feel free to email me, or IM Virtual Bacon
> in-world.
> Thank you,
> Virtual Bacon/John Jamison
> http://slurl.com/secondlife/imagiLEARNING/22/24/22
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