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Yes, thank you. I also had a nice talk a few minutes ago in SL with a couple
of folks from World2World. There is an event going on tomorrow in SL which
will be showcasing Google's Lively. if you go to
http://www.world2worlds.com/index.php/upcoming-events it has all the

-Robin Mochi / Ashford

On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 4:23 PM, Jeremy Kemp <jeremykemp at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hey there,
> Education technologist Sandra Andrews at ASU has been
> working with the Lively platform under NDA (gag order)
> for nearly a year.
> She called me yesterday and let the cat out of the
> bag. I convinced her to talk about this on the record
> to share with you SLED folks.
> Here it is in very rough form:
> http://amazon.sjsu.edu/html-jkemp/SandraA_ASU_Lively.mp3
> Sorry for the low volume!
> In this 30-minute interview she outlines general
> features, strengths and weaknesses of Lively as a
> teaching and learning tool and just a few hints on
> what's next.
> Here are links to her project as well:
> http://whatscool.asu.edu
> http://beta.asu.edu/myworld
> http://alti.asu.edu
> Some more background on this:
> There were early rumors of this work in September:
> http://www.virtualworldsnews.com/2007/09/google-testing-.html
> Also related: Google Sketchup models were rezzed in
> Multiverse in October: http://tinyurl.com/2fl88b
> And don't forget the Linden Lab CEO/CTO gave a
> bare-all demo on Google campus back in March '06:
> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5182759758975402950
> In a perfect world, you would have Google Gadgets
> interoperable with LSL and physics. The web-based
> interactivity from the Gadget would be manipulable in
> 3D space instead of just sitting on the wall like a
> poster in a "room". And then you would want a commerce
> system where items could be vetted by the market
> instead of "white listed" like There.com.
> More mock up of what a 3D gadget MIGHT be like:
> http://googledesktopapis.blogspot.com/2008/07/gadgets-in-another-dimension.html
> So far, I've seen nothing that would prevent
> partnering between these two groups. LL says it is a
> commerce and banking player with good content
> development tools. Google seems more scalable and
> offers private rooms and eventually (guessing)
> connection to other tools like the new cellphone OS -
> http://code.google.com/android
> I see the makings of a beautiful partnership here.
> (crosses fingers).
> --Jeremy
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