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My suggestions about introducing SL to your institution's stakeholders is to
0-Go to an ISTE inworld session, visit the ICT LIbrary on Info Island
International, (check the SL event calendar, SL News Network ...), 1-enrol a
few more enthusiastic colleagues of yours, 2-set up a brown bag lunch for
administrators that would offer a general overview of SL (ppt based, then
with a SL guest speaker for a real-time exchange between you and SL), 3-set
up an introductory session to SL skills, 4-set up some brainstorming
sessions for instructors in different disciplines (make sure to visit the
SaLamander Wiki for this), 5-propose a SL club for students (there is surely
a Spanish class or an art class or something else that the students can
choose from one day a week. Why not a machinima or building class in SL?)
6-propose an after-school program to your board (make sure to check out the
Global Kids. I think that they franchise their program), 7-Invite parents
and other concern caretakers for a Q&A about the environment (make sure you
prepare a tight presentation with demonstration first), 8-Look around for
grants (more and more federal, state, local and privately-sponsored grants
seek to help forward-thinking schools.

Resources to check:
http://www.rezed.org/ (also look for a group that might answer you specific
http://www.eduisland.net/salamanderwiki (specifically, check the Learning
Content Areas for ideas)

I am sure that SLEDers will add many more links and suggestions to mine. Be
prepared. This is a very generous community,
(SL: Willow Shenlin)

On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 11:14 AM, Brent Bryant <bryantb at edgecombe.edu>

> I have just begun to explore the possibility of using SL in our school. I
> attended the SLedupotential workshop at NECC 2008 and it blew my mind!
> I am a Tec Fac at an Early College High School n Eastern NC. I would like
> to know where to start and how to convince stakeholders to move forward.
> Thanks
> Brent (Clyde Nootan)
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