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Although non-commercial, the beautiful Sailor's Cove sims might also be worth a look if considering a lease - the only restrictions being that the theme has to be New England maritime, no terraforming and that lessors must allow passage for sailors and pay monthly tier of $50.00 per region. Deposit fees are relatively reasonable.

For me, purchasing a region and five voids from LL is the only option for SL because of the re-sale, covenant and security issues associated with leasing or purchasing on a private estate.


Epernay Freschi

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  I'm so sorry. I forgot the SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Stephenson/22/210/30

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    I don't have any land to lease, but I can tell you where an absolutely gorgeous piece is because I have some property next door. It's the corner of a private island, and there is absolutely no visual pollution. It's a 7424 sq m piece that supports 2549 prims, and it's for sale for a minimal amount -- 2 or 3K L$ I think, but the monthly tier is 14,427 L$, which is about $55 per month, paid in advance. I've been leasing land on this island for a clothing store for several months, and I actually prefer it to Linden land.

    Ann Randall (aka Xann Kanto)
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    On Jul 9, 2008, at 7:16 AM, Fernandez, Janelle wrote:

      Hi All-
      Can anyone give me some insight on Buying vs Leasing land on SL? Is anyone currently leasing?

      Janelle Fernandez
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