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I think the issue raised in those postings was more about the price of
the DVD/VHS itself. The postings seem to be based on a presumption that
the production is purely a Machinima piece (and numerous examples of
high quality Machinima can be viewed free of charge from YouTube and
Blip.TV). However, the  production to which Diane is referring appears
to be more of the genre of a RL documentary with interviews (eg Philip
Rosedale; Lauren Gelman, Clay Shirky; and Ted Castronova) interspersed
with Machinima. I suppose some might rightly argue that those kinds of
productions are also freely available via YouTube, but perhaps we should
be a little less hasty about judging a product's value without first
reviewing it? Diane's offer seems genuine - she is only inviting
interested educators to review the production not buy the DVD.






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	I guess I mean like how we offer educators 'on-demand' films
that they can stream into the classroom from a computer. This would be
like, having students do it in sl. I'm pretty new to sl tho so don't
know all the ins and outs, I wasn't totally serious!!!
	lol. I should put a high price tag on my videos also. Instead I
give them away for free:


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