[SLED] VIDEO documentation of SL5B German Education panel et al.

Hanno Tietgens ht at buerox.de
Mon Jul 7 13:40:07 PDT 2008

Hi all.

Campus Hamburg supporter and Media Lab associate Ole Etzel has made  
his machinima recordings of Hamburg related SL and educational events  
available on YouTube, such as the German educator's gathering at SL5B  
last week with Bernd Celt, Dia Diqui, Tyke McMillan, Ziggy Moonflower,  
moderator Xon Emoto and a keynote on education in SL from Jean Linden  
=> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIK3lPE3XQA.

Talks from the mixed world open lecture series "Games and beyond" at  
HAW, the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, with Prof. Edward  
Castronova from Indiana, DrDoug Pennell from Ohio State, Torley Linden  
from San Francisco, Eduverse activist Ollie Kubrick from Amsterdam,  
machinima artist Susi Spicoli and musician Fabrice Collette from Paris  
are being brought up by Ole, same as the Hamburg Animation Talk  
supported by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce which took place on June  
28 with a lecture from award winning character designer Stephen Silver  
(Disney, Nickelodeon).

You might also enjoy some of the artistic machinima work featuring  
Ole's boney avatar.

Take a look, if you may,
and take care,

Hanno Tietgens / Xon Emoto

c/o Buero X Media Lab

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