[SLED] Hi all!

John Supple John.Supple at vu.edu.au
Sun Jul 6 21:52:30 PDT 2008

I've just joined this educators list and just want to say hello.
My name is John Supple and I work as an eLearning Designer with Victoria
University in Melbourne, Australia. My job is to develop and deliver
Professional Development workshops for the staff at the University, and
one of the projects that I am working on is developing our presence in
SL, and looking at areas where SL could be used by our teachers and
I am (relatively) new to SL, so I am still getting acquainted with the
environment to an extent. I am looking forward to seeing and
incorporating the innovations that SL provides for education so
hopefully I can get some ideas and help from this group.
My SL name is pancake boogiewoogie.
Looking forward to meeting you in the grid!
John Supple
eLearning Designer
Flexible Learning Unit (FLU)
Staff College
Newport Campus
Victoria University
email: John.Supple at vu.edu.au <mailto:John.Supple at vu.edu.au> 
Tel: +61 3 9919 8486
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