[SLED] What kind of Bots do you want for education?

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Thanks Bob, Id like to have quiz bots too, I'll be working on these for the
next 3 weeks, cheers!

On Wed, Jul 2, 2008 at 1:06 AM, Bob Heller <bobh at athabascau.ca> wrote:

>  We also have an interest in using chatbots for distance ed but we started
> with AIML and have only recently began thinking 'outside the bot' to look at
> visual aspects of bot communication.
> We set up a webpage that describes our research for those interested.
> http://psych.athabascau.ca/html/chatterbot/ChatAgentHome.shtml
> We also set some of our bots in SL including Freudbot.
> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Athabasca%20University/128/128/0
> SL Freudbot  is a work in progress and is being managed by Mike Procter
> (Snik Philbin).
> Doug, your project sounds very similar in scope to what we were trying to
> accomplish with Freudbot in terms of constraining the conversational space.
> If you'd like to know more about our approach to this task, please contact
> us off list (bobh at athabascau.ca)
> Fire, I think quiz bots should be a first priority. When we asked our
> research participants what type of chat applications they would like to see,
> chatbots were consistently at the top and significantly higher than other
> applications.
> Bob Heller
> (duyu voom)
> Douglas Danforth wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> I have a special interest in using bots for education (I initially typed
> bots of reduction - I need a bot to teach me how to type:-)).
> Anyway, my project (which I've written about here before) involves using AI
> to manage a bot conversation between a student and a virtual patient. I'm
> trying to determine if I can make the bot smart enough to be a useful
> "standardized patient" to teach my med students how to take medical
> histories and perform differential diagnoses. My thought is that if I
> constrain the conversation to that which would occur between a (future)
> doctor and his/her patient, that the bot could do a pretty good job of
> providing the correct responses. Obviously if the conversation gets too far
> afield things will degrade rapidly, but as long as the conversation is
> appropriate (which is one of the skills we're trying to teach), I *think*
> this might be a useful simulation.
> I want the bot to be able to respond with information as appropriate;
> physical (virtual?) symptoms obviously, a copy of the ultrasound of the
> pregnancy, lab results , serum hormone levels, etc.
> We have written much of the initial dialog and are in the process of
> converting it into AIML. I'm waiting to hear if this project will get funded
> (small grant - US$15,000). If the funding comes through we will  dive in
> with gusto. If not, we'll limp along (as usual).
> I'd love to collaborate with folks who are interested in this technology.
> I'm kinda sorta figuring out the AIML business and we're starting with
> Pandorabot since the hooks to SL are already done. I'm not much of a back
> end database guy though.
> Doug Danforth
> SL:DrDoug Pennell
> > I'd like your input though on what you think are must have features for
> bots for educators
> > If you could have any bot on your island, what would you need it to do,
> and what functionalities would you like it to have?
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