[SLED] The pain of the bleeding edge

Annette Pohlke annette at pohlke.de
Fri Jul 4 07:00:56 PDT 2008

I would also contact the person you bought the underwater plot from.  
There is a good chance he may simply give the land back to you and  
this would be a far easier solution than having it reversed by LL.

Of course this will not solve your other problem, but if this works  
with the underwater plot it may be fastest and easiest to rez the  
buildings anew.


Max Bergson in SL

Am 04.07.2008 um 14:18 schrieb Neil Canham:

> Hi
>  I've been trying to get started in the area of virtual content  
> delivery,
> and some of you were kind enough to help with my land search.  I've  
> had lots
> of frustrations, and I may document them in a longer post some time  
> if that
> would be useful.  But the most recent is the hardest to deal with -  
> I'm
> posting this as I posted it to the SL Forums in case anyone has any
> thoughts.
> I recently bought a plot in the old Barton sim, dropped down a few  
> prefabs,
> created a classroom for some training I wanted to do... then a few  
> days
> later bought an adjoining underwater plot to up the prim count. I  
> went back
> there to find a lot of weirdness on my plot and surrounding - missing
> buildings, some buildings missing walls and so on. Then a couple of  
> days
> after that I went back to find that the sim appeared to have been  
> rolled
> back - my land was back in the form it was just after I bought it -
> buildings gone. And the underwater additional plot had reverted to  
> it's
> orginal owner! I've raised a support ticket, and I'm left with 'we're
> looking into it' - do I stand any chance of getting my plot back to  
> it's
> former state, or getting my money back on the plot I bought and then  
> lost? I
> have supplied transaction IDs where appropriate.
> I was thinking of trying to start delivering training in SL, but  
> this kinda
> puts me off!
> Neil (Richard Meklejohn) Canham
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