[SLED] What kind of Bots do you want for education?

Daniel Livingstone daniel.livingstone at googlemail.com
Wed Jul 2 05:36:25 PDT 2008

The principle for Sloodle is that the database would in most cases
be the institutions own VLE/LMS - which would already contain student
data, and thus be subject to institutional data practices and rules.

We haven't been using bots at all to date - but I wouldn't rule it out
for the future.


2008/7/1 Gavin Dudeney <gavin.dudeney at theconsultants-e.com>:
> I'm not sure about the DPA in your region of the world, but there are some
> strict measures in place in Europe with regard to the storing of personal
> information, who that information is shared with and what it is used for,
> who accesses it, etc. When you link SL to a web-enabled database you should
> be adhering to the rules for your particular part of the world (where your
> 'business' is based) and asking people to 'opt in' with quite specific
> information on how you intend to use the information, who will see it, etc.
> I've just spent over two months on this for a charity I volunteer for and
> it's a very complex area. I wonder how people on this list are dealing with
> it? I imagine that SLoodle, as one example, is covered by institutional data
> practices (?), but what is everyone else doing with data they collect – is
> it stored and accessed securely? Is it shared with anyone else? Do you tell
> people exactly what you'll be doing with it?

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