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DATE:  JULY 1, 2008
TIME: 5-6 PM SLT (Pacific Time, PDT)
LOCATION:  Linked 181, 190, 25
Pastable slurl:     http://slurl.com/secondlife/SL5B%20Linked/182/190/25

Just five years old, and already Second Life is reflecting the breadth
and depth of real world science!  From a single prim to the stars,
scientists and those who benefit from science are collaborating and
communicating in new ways in our virtual world.  Be a part of our
discussion this evening, 5 PM SLT, as panelists Prospero Linden, Troy
McLuhan, Ourania Fizgig and Pema Pera take your questions and answers
about the future of science in Second Life.


Ourania Fizgig (RL: Adrienne Gauthier) is an instructional
technologist in the Astronomy Department at the University of Arizona.
She brings ASTRO101 students into Second Life and is also managing the
International Year of Astronomy 2009's presence in world.

Troy McLuhan produces multimedia exhibitions and events in Second
Life. His background in applied math and physics, and Purdue PhD in
astrodynamics serve him well in his active role in the Science Center
group as well as his space related initiatives.

Pema Pera is an astrophysicist and head of  the program of
interdisciplinary studies, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton,
NJ, USA, and involved with MICA, The Meta Institute for Computational
Astrophysics,  a group of astrophysicists and others interested in
astrophysics.  He is also  interested in building virtual communities,
and  in computational science as well as in broadly interdisciplinary
studies.  See his paper on "http://arxiv.org/abs/0712.1655"  (click on
"pdf" for the full article).

Prospero Linden is Rob Knop in real life.  Until year ago, he was a
professional astronomer, first on the team that discovered the
acceleration of the Universe's expansion, and then an assistant
professor at Vanderbilt Univeristy.  Last year he joined the
engineering team at Linden Lab.  He gives monthly astronomy outreach
talks (as his alt, Prospero Frobozz) in association with MICA, the
Meta-Institute of Computational Astronomy.

 Bjorlyn Loon (Lynn Cullens in RL) has been writing and communicating
about science and technology  for 30 years.  She has worked in
archaeology, carnivore studies, historic preservation and the history
of science, but has a real passion for biology and conservation.  In
Second Life, Bjorlyn has directed  the Communications Team for Burning
Life, founded and manages the Science Friday group and sim for Ira
Flatow, was a recent award winner with The Tech in SL, and now is the
full time Director of Communications for Metanomics, the popular
business and policy program on virtual worlds.

All are welcome!


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