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Additional information.

I have received a test copy of Second Inventory from the developer.  As I
noted before his email address is from an Italian domain and I suspect that
some of the poor documentation is because English is his second language.

This is version  He is still gathering ideas about how to make the
product more useful.  It appears to use libsecondlife to connect to Second
Life.  One downside of this is that you cannot be in your Second Life viewer
at the same time as you are backing up or restoring objects using Second
Inventory.  However, you can still receive IMs, teleport, and I'm not sure
what all else.

As Gary notes, my first experiences with it are that it does only appear to
be able to transfer one object at a time.  I've suggested he might want to
change it.  It is also a little slow on downloading the object.

I have not tried uploading anything yet.

Downloaded objects are saved in an encrypted format.  I don't know if this
allows object to be shared or not.  You can edit the objects, including text
in notecards and scripts as well as extract textures.

I did use this to extract a texture of a T-shirt I have in SL, save the
texture as a .bmp file and then upload it into an alternative grid.  Some of
these other grids are a little flakey right now, so I didn't get to
experiment with this as much as I would have liked.

I should also note that one of the t-shirts that I have right now is copy
protected.  I could back it up, but I could not extract (make a copy of) the

As I think I noted before, it only goes to the SL Main grid right now, but
options for other grids will be added in a future release.

I think that gives a good summary right now.  My sense is that it is still
very much a version 1.0 product.  It only runs on Windows with .NET 2.0
installed.  If you're a geeky early adopter, you should play with it now.
Otherwise, you might wait for some future releases.

Anyone who has specific questions, let me know, and I'll test things and
respond back.


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I would be very cautious of what this claims.

Firstly the screenshots show a transfer from inventory to hard disk
only one item at a time!  I couldn't see anything about batching (an
attraction for me would be 'batch copy all full owned items' and
leave it for an hour or so?. Being a developer I have approx 17 000
items so it is pretty useless doing one at a time, would take days.

(On a related note: I don't understand why LL or those companies
dabbling with LibSL are not really developing a web, out of world
interface for previewing and managing your inventory - I would gladly
pay the same price (in fact double) as what these folk are asking for
to be able to actually 'know' what is buried in my folders and
probably clean out several thousand items - and just think of the
improvement overall for everyone if we were all hitting the asset
servers half as much!! - win win) anyway back to the company the
second thing that makes be doubtful about the claims - the FAQ seems
to be written by... well I won't say here are some excerpts...(to
quote think I will "hold on"...)

  	Why should not buy Second Inventory
   	Don't buy Second Inventory if you wan't to stole the others
people creations. This product isn't for you, you would loose your

  	How i could get a full perm copy of a no-perm item even if I'm the
   	Prims information and asset datas (except for scripts and
notecards) are always avaibles and Second Inventory can obtain them.

  	Does it is the Copybot? What they have in common?
   	No, it doesn't. They are fairly different things. Second
Inventory doesn't allow you to copy/clone others people items,

  	What about full perms products sold with license restrictions?
   	Normally, when you sell a full perms poduct with transfer/resell
limitations, you are trusting in the buyer onesty but nobody could
stops him to sell them.

  	Full Explaination of the builtin Copyright System
   	We are writing a whole document to satisfy all your curiosity.
Please hold on.

On 10/02/2008, at 2:12 AM, Jeremy Hunsinger wrote:

> http://www.secondinventory.com/index.php  anyone have this yet?
> it seems like it would be a boon to some of us, but, i want some
> user reports  before I buy, so i thought i'd ask.
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