[SLED] Early Childhood Education teacher training in Second Life

Paul Frank pbfrank at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 06:46:44 PST 2008

We are exploring the possibility of creating a virtual ECE classroom in
Second Life, one in which teachers-in-training can develop and test their
skills working with children, ages three through five. An early feasibility
study, supported by the Tennessee Head Start Association, seeks to develop a
proof-of-concept model in which a single, prim-based "child" will be
scripted to respond to an avatar-based teacher in ways that mirror the
interaction of a teacher and child in a typical Head Start classroom.

The plan is to segue a successful proof-of-concept into a deeper, more
complete prim-based child which can then be modularly expanded and
replicated to create an interactive classroom of children responding to a
typical, center-based staff.

If anyone has attempted a similar project (multiple "intelligent" prims
interacting with an avatar), we'd be very glad to know about it.

Paul B. Frank
  Head Start
     - communications specialist
     - outcomes specialist
     - scrivener
pbfrank at gmail.com

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