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Great info!  Thanks, Kip!  

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>Hi Barbara,
>I did much of my doctoral work on accommodating cultural diversity in 
>distance learning. You may find some useful materials here, including my
>dissertation on transcending cultural differences in international 
>classrooms (online and onground): http://wwmr.us
>I also have an island with cross-cultural learning resources for 
>international students: 
>Hope this helps some with your research.
>Best success,
>Steve (Kip Roffo)
>Steven R. Van Hook, PhD
>University of California, Santa Barbara
>ELS Language & Culture Program
>srvanhook at wwmr.us
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>> Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2008 16:32:44 -0600
>> From: "Barbara Z. Johnson" <bjohnson at d.umn.edu>
>> Does anyone know of articles regarding the impact of ethnic cultures on
>> the use of virtual worlds and/or video games?  Particularly, I'm
>> interested in learning in educational settings, but I'm also open to
>> informal learning.  I find quite a lot on gender, urban, youth, popular
>> culture but very little on ethnicity.
>> _________________________________________________
>> Barbara Z. Johnson
>> Doctoral student, Teaching and Learning, University of Minnesota
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