[SLED] Powerpoint presentation

Tom Werner tom at brandon-hall.com
Fri Feb 1 05:11:35 PST 2008

I just double-checked the SL FreeView script and it seemed to work OK. 


I created an object, shaped it into a screen, right-clicked, clicked Edit,
clicked the Content tab, pasted the SL FreeView script into New Script and
clicked Reset, added some test textures to Content, and it worked. 


Line 11 in SL FreeView is this line: 


integer PICTURE_ROTATION_TIMER = 30;   //In whole seconds


If you happened to change this line, you might check the line for typos.
(That's basically what 'syntax error' means.)  


Also, you might check to be sure that you deleted all of the default script
that appears in New Script before pasting in the SL FreeView script. 



Good luck! 


Tom Werner (Carston Courier)



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Tried to copy the SL FreeView script from the web page onto a new script in
sl and kept on getting a syntax error on "line 11"

Any thoughts as to why?

Tom Werner <tom at brandon-hall.com> wrote:

You might also wish to try the SL FreeView script


It allows moving the slides forward or backward, as well as setting a
repeating display, and the presenter controls the slides through a heads-up
display rather than by anyone's touch. 



(On another note, I confess that once I couldn't figure out why my slides
weren't appearing. it turned out that they were showing fine on the OTHER
side of my screen-object. J)




Tom Werner (Carston Courier)



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Dear friends


I am experimenting with uploading a powerpoint presentation into second life


I have done the following steps:


1.	I have saved my powerpoint as JPEG
2.	uploaded the slides as images to my inventory in Second Life
3.	created an object on SL, so the slides can reside on
4.	dragged and dropped the images from inventory to the board ( just
created)starting from Slide1, 2, 3,..etc...
5.	then I have opened New Script and put the below code:

'----- START CODE BLOCK -----

integer invCount;
integer invLoopCount;

        invCount = llGetInventoryNumber(INVENTORY_TEXTURE);

    touch_start(integer total_number)
        llSetTexture(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_TEXTURE, invLoopCount),
        if (invLoopCount == invCount)
            invLoopCount = 0;

'----- END CODE BLOCK -----


I am afraid it did not work.


Am i missing something, could anyone direct me in a simple way, please


Many thanks for your generosity and kind support


Best Regards

Sar Rinaldini



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