[SLED] avatars

Gavin Dudeney gavin.dudeney at theconsultants-e.com
Sat Dec 13 11:36:28 PST 2008


Certainly not arguing with people's gustibuses, I just think (personally)
it's a bit pointless since you end up with a generic avatar looking somewhat
like you the day you were dressed when the photo was taken. I reckon mostly
you could achieve the same effect with a decent freebie skin and ten minutes
on the sliders.


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From: Rolig Loon
Subject: Re: [SLED] avatars

I agree, Gavin.  The motive escapes me totally. There's obviously a
market, though, and people seem to be satisfied with the RL-replicate
faces they pay for. You can't argue with that. De gustibus non est

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