[SLED] avatars

Tim Allen flipper at peregrinesalon.com
Sat Dec 13 09:48:32 PST 2008

It is all about the context, in this case. The area Ryan's avatar
lives in is a replica of Love Park in Philadelphia, a skate boarders
heaven, and he's a well known skater. There's also the RL pictures on
display at his SL locale. It isn't about making a perfect replica -
that results in the uncanny valley. You want to make a strong
resemblance that doesn't look too-real. 10-20% cartoonish, as I call

There are too many answers to why one might want to do this than can
be listed - each project is different. In Ryan case, promotion, and a
way to connect with his fans world wide. The web always feels pretty
lonely - "Who else is viewing this web site while I am?" - an SL
provides an opportunity for a community to build, so people can "surf"
a 3-D space together, with others who share a common interest,
passion, or fandom.

You can't properly do tattoo's on any clothing layer, because there is
only room for ton of arm, and bottom of arm, and the same design is
put on the left and right arm mirrored. This works for skin and
clothing, but really doesn't work for tattoos, which are almost never
done mirrored in RL on both arms, and definitely weren't in Ryan's



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