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Gavin Dudeney gavin.dudeney at theconsultants-e.com
Sat Dec 13 08:54:15 PST 2008


I'm always a bit confused about this, to be honest. The photo comparison you
sent shows an avatar that sort of bears a passing resemblance to the real
thing (in a sort of they both have no shirt on and a head and a six-pack
sort of way) - minus the tattoos (are you sure you can't actually put
tattoos on a shirt layer?). I think if I was a fan of, um, Ryan Banks, I
could walk past his avatar three thousand times before I said to myself
"Gosh, is that Ryan Banks in Second Life?", which begs the questions why
would you want to do it, and is it worth it?


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From: Tim Allen
Subject: Re: [SLED] avatars

She did the Ryan Banks avatar for us, an up and coming Philadelphia rap star
who's performed with Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and is starring in the upcoming film
"Let the Game Begin." I've attached a photo as well with his avatar in front
of an RL picture of him. She's also did a lot of the avatars for Rivers Run
Red when SL was the big new thing (I believe she did Avril Levigne)? Best of
all, she's affordable.

Too bad you can't really do arm tattoos in SL. :(

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