[SLED] Teleporting using coordinates

Miller, Peter pmiller at liverpool.ac.uk
Sat Dec 6 01:02:30 PST 2008

If there is a pressing case for tp using global coordinates, the following may
be a useful start in terms of the necessary info:
Best wishes 
Peter [SL: Graham Mills]

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The x,y,z coordinates in a SLURL are special descriptors within a sim.
They are the values you would get in a script that uses a llGetPos()
call. In order to get the global coordinates for that same spot (that
is, the coordinates relative to the enitre SL grid), you need to know
the corner position of the simulator that X,y,x lies in.  You get that
with call to llGetRegionCorner().  The global coordinates are then the
sum of the two vectors llGetRegionCorner() + llGetPos().
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