[SLED] How to give a quiz in Second Life ?

Jeremy Hunsinger jhuns at vt.edu
Wed Apr 30 08:34:17 PDT 2008

  I did not tell them not to do this, nor did I provide an  
evaluation .  I asked why they would choose this to do this in sl  
versus doing it on the web?   I was pretty clear about that, I'm  
interested in the reasoning for choice of sl to read texts and to give  
quizzes on those texts.    I think that is an important question,  
don't you?

I think you are summarily misrepresenting my position.   I think  
anyone can do what they want, but I think it is also important to  
think about the way we use our technologies.  That is something people  
value as educators, no?   Reflection on the choice of technology, the  
propriety of those choices, etc... is what we do.     If that is not  
what you do, feel free to drop my emails in the bit bucket:)

On Apr 30, 2008, at 10:05 AM, Gavin Dudeney wrote:

> Jeremy,
> Haven't we done this conversation to death about a thousand times  
> over the
> past few months? If someone wants to do this in SL, who are you (or  
> anyone
> else) to tell them that it's a 'very naughty idea not in keeping  
> with the
> spirit of SL'? Can't we all do what we like with SL? Is your model  
> better
> than others? Aren't we allowed to experiment?
> Jesus, this proscriptive business in building and education in SL is  
> really
> beginning to wear thin. Yes, it's a 3D world, great! It does not  
> follow that
> everything then has to be 3D, interactive and lobster-shaped fun. Some
> individual reflection and feedback has as much value as all the  
> groupwork in
> the world. Can't you get over your 'this is a new world and it all  
> has to be
> new' thing and let your fellow educators experiment and do what  
> feels right
> with their own learners?
> Gavin
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> From: Jeremy Hunsinger
> Subject: Re: [SLED] How to give a quiz in Second Life ?
> so... in a 3d world that emphasizes interaction, your class will read
> a text and then take a quiz on it?  why are you not having them do
> that via a website?  does the quiz refer to some specific aspect of
> second life or something?
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