[SLED] Privacy (was SL graphics card)

pdecell at sunflower.com pdecell at sunflower.com
Wed Apr 23 15:31:18 PDT 2008

Good question,

I don't know. Depends if the browser history is kept local by SL's in world browser or as part of inventory. If its kept on the local machine presumably if someone is determined enough and knows what to look for they may be able to find it.

Paul (Simone Gateaux)

> SL Educators <educators at lists.secondlife.com> wrote: 

> If a person were to use the in-world browser for finding resources on 
> domestic violence, are the URL's able to be traced without knowing 
> the person's password?  I can't see how, but I would sure appreciate 
> backup on that.

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