[SLED] Educational Fashion/Textiles places to visit?

Bruce Jones polygonsforever at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 21 06:42:38 PDT 2008

  There are at least 2 complete SIMs dedicated to textures, IM me after 9:00PM SLtime and i will drop the Landmarks on you. I believe the name of one is "Texture World", give it a sort under "Classsified".

"Cargill-Kipar, Nicole" <N.Kipar at hw.ac.uk> wrote:
  Dear All,

I am running a demonstration/lab with a colleague for some interested
academics on Wednesday, and while I have a nice list of places to visit
in sciences, recreational, environmental, space, etc. I realised we have
two members of staff from our School of Textiles coming. This makes me
VERY happy (we are predominately a Science & Engineering university),
but alas, even after a lengthy search for good textiles/fashion related
places I haven't come up with anything that I'd like to send them to and
which would raise their awareness of what is possible in their subject.

I'd be ever so thankful for suggestions of places in SL that are of
interest and inspirational (!) for textiles/fashion educators.

Many thanks and best wishes


Nicole Cargill-Kipar
Flexible Learning Co-ordinator
Website: http://www.hw.ac.uk/edu/flexible-learning/
Educational Development Unit
Heriot-Watt University
Edinburgh EH14 4AS
Tel 0131 451 8129
Email n.kipar at hw.ac.uk 

Heriot-Watt University is a Scottish charity
registered under charity number SC000278.

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