[SLED] Identify new people and give out notecard

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On ISTE Island, we have been using a product called Super Greeter 4.7.  It
sells on OnRez.com for $150L.not very much, considering!  It will hand out
notecards and landmarks (or both!), sends a welcome message, reports can be
sent to e-mail each day with the number AND NAMES of all visitors.  The
range defaults to 20 meters but can go as high as 96 meters.  It gives items
on first visit.and will not resend to the same avatar until it has reached
its max of recent visitor memory (currently 300 visitors).  It will regreet
at 301.  It can be retextured, rendered transparent (invisible), and does
not require an avatar to touch it or otherwise collide with it to work.


You can find it here:  http://shop.onrez.com/item/354967


Good luck!



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I use the Daya Tech greeter, cost is very reasonable and it can do this for



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I am looking for a script that will give a note card to anyone the first
time they come to my class space or land. 

I am creating a Classroom Etiquette policy and I would like to have it
given out anytime someone new comes to my area.

I have seen something like this at the Paris 1900 build.

Any help will be appreciated.


Robert Walker, B.M., M.M.
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Labette Community College

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