[SLED] Jon Stewart-Daily Show-Segment on Avatar Heroes

Dirk DaSilva dds at venuma.com
Thu Apr 10 11:35:51 PDT 2008

Virtual worlds are a divisive technology. Some get it, others won't.

Note how business attire differs between LA and NY. Virtual will find  
its own community standards.

LL could turn down the ewwww factor by removing adult material from  
search, by allowing/forcing free accounts to use real names and by  
selling alts with fantasy names for $19.95. Something like that.

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On Apr 10, 2008, at 10:46, "Milosun Czervik"  
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> What is funny to me is that so many of those in the education world  
> who want to be shown what SL can do come in knowing it's a virtual  
> (not real) setting, even if they are total n00bs to the platform.  
> Then they freak out when the see a porpoise with boobs or a CEO with  
> lizard hair. Duh.
> This is tantamount to critiquing a Star Trek episode because the  
> lasers don't seem realistic enough. Sure - we can buy that people  
> are zipping about at light speed, that Klingons exist, etc. - but  
> man, don't screw up the lasers!!
> SL is what SL is. It was NOT meant to be a serious platform for RL  
> business or education. In fact, I think we have sometimes sucked the  
> fun right out of it in order to justify its use for classes. If we  
> are going to use SL, let's embrace it.
> One reason gaming & simulations work in education is due to the fact  
> that they motivate learners. Make a virtual world as insipid as the  
> real one, and there goes one possible advantage SL might have to  
> offer.
> -Ross
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