[SLED] Jon Stewart-Daily Show-Segment on Avatar Heroes

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We will have the last laugh, just hang on and 

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I managed to get a good laugh out of this while feeling insulted at the same
time...weird. But I have to admit that that whole sub-committee thing was
vaguely embarrassing. I'm still wrestling with why, so I don't have a clear
answer there. But I think it had something to do with the, well, circus
side-show feel of it. I'm not complaining about that. I loved seeing the
various avs there sporting wings and pink skin. One of my own avs is a
kilt-wearing neko leopard with a katana on his back and combat boots. <g>


Maybe that's just sort of the nature of The Frontier. SL is a place where so
many cultural elements cross. You have business interests, education, the
arts, politics intermingling and jumbling around in this primordial soup. It
gets hard sometimes to tell serious from whimsical, fantasy from fact,
productivity from folly. All are on equal footing in SL, and I love that.


And maybe that's the point that people have a little difficulty dealing
with. It's not "normal" for us to see the world this way. The artists among
us are perhaps the first to experiment in these new spaces, but others
follow, begrudgingly accepting the latest wave in an ever-changing reality.


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I saw this last night.  When does the negativity stop?


eroes> &title=avatar-heroes 

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