[SLED] Elision of ideas

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When I was young, my mother used to annoy the heck out of me by harping
about appearance. "The world's first impression of you is the one you chose
to make," she would say. Much as I hated to admit it at the time, she was
right. For better or worse, in other people's eyes we are largely what we
appear to be. If I want to be taken seriously as a professional, I dress the
part. I wouldn't dream of showing up for class or a board meeting in my
gardening jeans. SL is a lot more relaxed, but if I'm supposed to be helping
show off for visitors, I wear a nice dress. (Well, OK, that's my normal
default wardrobe, but you get the idea..).





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[snip]  I see it in very much the same light as RL: When I went for the
interview I had for my current RL support work I dressed rather more
formally than I do for class. I dress more formally for class than I do for
shopping, and I usually put more clothes on for shopping than sitting at the
computer at home (especially when it's snowing outside as it was the other
day). Now, I'm an old enough hand at SL that I don't bat an eyelash when
people show up as cats, foxes, naked, or just about anything else you can
think of. But I do a line in fairly smart clothes and if I know there are a
lot of people I'm meeting in a formal setting for the first time, I dress
appropriately, just like I would IRL.




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