[SLED] Jon Stewart-Daily Show-Segment on Avatar Heroes

Bryan Carter bc69 at mac.com
Wed Apr 9 08:50:40 PDT 2008

omg...this was soooo funny....I almost spit my coffee out

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On Apr 9, 2008, at 8:40 AM, Jacob, Anthony wrote:
> lol
> I managed to get a good laugh out of this while feeling insulted at  
> the same time...weird. But I have to admit that that whole sub- 
> committee thing was vaguely embarrassing. I'm still wrestling with  
> why, so I don't have a clear answer there. But I think it had  
> something to do with the, well, circus side-show feel of it. I'm not  
> complaining about that. I loved seeing the various avs there  
> sporting wings and pink skin. One of my own avs is a kilt-wearing  
> neko leopard with a katana on his back and combat boots. <g>
> Maybe that's just sort of the nature of The Frontier. SL is a place  
> where so many cultural elements cross. You have business interests,  
> education, the arts, politics intermingling and jumbling around in  
> this primordial soup. It gets hard sometimes to tell serious from  
> whimsical, fantasy from fact, productivity from folly. All are on  
> equal footing in SL, and I love that.
> And maybe that's the point that people have a little difficulty  
> dealing with. It's not "normal" for us to see the world this way.  
> The artists among us are perhaps the first to experiment in these  
> new spaces, but others follow, begrudgingly accepting the latest  
> wave in an ever-changing reality.
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> I saw this last night.  When does the negativity stop?
> http://www.thedailyshow.com/video/index.jhtml?videoId=165604&title=avatar-heroes
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