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Kimberly Rufer-Bach kim at themagicians.us
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"Where are all the old avvies?"

My guess is that they're wearing Tinies avatars and rocking out at a party
while we're dressing up for pictures as doddering blue-haired ladies with

I shared your post with my parents, who are both SL residents.  They were
offended by the stereotyping.  My mom said, "If you really want to know
where the moms are, ask Mom."  Please email me directly if you want her
contact info.  My dad asked if you see a lot of teen avatars with acne.

None of the avatars you described would make me think "Mom" -- they make me
think of people dressing up for a laugh, or to roleplay a lifestyle they
want to explore.


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We can all be young, trim, and very Barbie/Ken-like in SL. Where are  
all the old avvies? I have a presentation coming up where I would like  
to have some images of some more "matronly" looking avatars, ones that  
connote "Mom". Little old blue hair ladies, pregnant, avs/ with kids,  
pushing a stroller, whatever. Even better with some skin diversity.

If you have any avs you can slip on and take a pic, please email them  
directly (that means STOP, do no hit reply, start a new message to
alan at nmc.org 
), and I'll let you know how they will be used next week, and after  
that will share the whole deal.


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