[SLED] Sony Vaio Laptops and SL

Tim Allen flipper at peregrinesalon.com
Wed Apr 2 14:40:39 PDT 2008

One suggestion, if you have a Vaio with nVidia or ATI as the GPU chip, Sony
is horrible at keeping their laptop drivers up to date with nVidia. But fear

There are a few options. nVidia drivers can be grabbed from here:

The forums also have updated ATI drives.

There's also:

These are both 3rd party, "no guarantee" drivers based on the original
manufacturer drivers, but I've had very good luck with both and my laptop
gets much better results under Windlight with the newer nVidia drivers.



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Hi Mike,

Unfortunately Sony Vaio laptops are famous for having problems with 
SL. Some work, many don't. Do a google search and you will find some 
possible solutions. Most involve messing with the video drivers. SL 
seems to have fewer problems with nVidia cards than intel or ATI.

I know several people who bought their Vaio laptops to run SL and 
ended up returning them. I hope you have better luck. The Vaio is 
such a nice laptop otherwise.

Doug Danforth
SL:DrDoug Pennell

>Please help...
>I've recently purchased a Sony Vaio laptop running Vista, Intel 
>chipset GM965, 2GB. When I login I immediately get the dreaded crash
>I've attempted to download the most recent driver updates per the SL 
>Wiki but alas, to no avail. If anyone could please send on any 
>possible solutions
>this would be greatly appreciated.
>Sincerely yours,
>Mike Millard
>Media Specialist
>Terra Earth

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