[SLED] Avatar disaster - it ain't pretty folks

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Oh, another thing I would like to mention....


Male shopping is unfortunately sparse in SL... it's a regular untapped
market. HOWEVER...


Maddox Dupont and Kirk Claymore own the KMADD sim, which is a sim build
ENTIRELY for male shopping. The SLURL is here:


If these two male contacts will have access to some lindens, they will
be able to buy virtually anything they will need at KMADD.



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Anything for males? I have 2 male contacts coming into SL that need
"fixing up" and I have no idea where to send them. Thanks.


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	Hi there!


	There are several places you can go/look to put together an
avatar for next to nothing - aside from some advice I will give you,
there are also a few blogs and groups that make their SL living finding
cheap/free things. 


	http://fabfree.wordpress.com/ is the largest "freebie announcing
blog" for Second Life. They (very regularly, and often several times a
day) post entire avatars, clothes and all (EVERYTHING they are wearing
can generally be obtained for under $5L) complete with the names of the
items, pictures, price, and SLURLs on where to obtain the items listed.
Both male and female items are listed usually, but you may have to dig
through the blog posts to find what you like - this is an INVALUABLE
resource for people with little money though.


	Eloh Eliot provides free, BEAUTIFUL full permission skins at her
shop, Another Shop, in Second Life. Her blog and photos of her skins
(along with PSD file downloads of them) are here:
http://eloheliot.blogspot.com/. You should be able to search for either
Eloh Eliot in the People tab or Another Shop in places and find it just
fine (or you can follow this SLURL:
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lippert/75/182/179). The skins are PERFECT
and UNBELIEVABLY better than any other usual freebie skins you'll find
on the grid. There are both male and female skins here. A skin review is
here: http://www.rykerbeck.com/eloh-eliots-skins-youre-my-goddess/. The
skins generally come with a free, likely modifiable shape as well.


	For hair, I would go to ETD (ElikaTiramisu Designs - but search
for ETD or follow this SLURL:
http://slurl.com/secondlife/ETD%20Isle/212/216/26/?title=ETD ), which
has a freebie wall of hair, and is some of the best and most widely worn
hair in Second Life. About 20 styles sold for $1L each with a multitude
of colors available in each style. Most are female, but a few male
styles are on the wall as well. Truth also usually has a couple of
styles (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sweet%20Sorrow/92/43/24) for $1L
each. I'm sure there are more, but this is all I can think of off the
top of my head.


	If you need further help, just let me know - I'll gladly IM you
tonight when I'm in world, or drop some items on you (are you playing a
male or female avatar) tonight when I log in game. :-)



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	Hello, sounds bad ^.^
	First thing to start with is a Skin, and if you put a new one on
you may need to rebake by going into appearance and/or hitting Ctrl Alt
and R
	Then you need to get clothing on (rebake as you do all of this
so you see it correctly)
	Hair, you can use normal hair, that doesn't look good or you can
use prim hair which looks great!
	If you need help any more than that, find a mentor InWorld by
going to Help Island Public or Waterhead or somewhere like that, they
will give you stuff to use and tell you exactly how to use it.
	Best of luck!
	Marty Miller <Marty.Miller at mcckc.edu> wrote:

	Gentle SLED-ers,
	I have managed to royally screw up my avatar. I purchase a new
one and tried to put it on over my old one, as instructed in the Help
topics. I ended up with a weird meld of the two. Tried to detach the new
one - wouldn't detach. Tried detaching cloths and parts separately -
ended up bald and half naked. I've tried the Support Portal for help -
no luck. Does anyone know where I can find out how to correct this
misguided attempt at 'self-improvement?' Do I need to contact Linden
Labs directly? I'm fairly desparate - I need to be presentable for the
NMC symposium tomorrow. Right now I'm at the bottom of the sea,
embarrassed and stressed.
	Thanks in advance for the help.
	Marty - Marjit Martynov
	Marty (Margaret) Miller - MA, MLS
	Reference Librarian
	Metropolitan Community College
	Longview Campus Library
	500 SW Longview Road
	Lee's Summit, MO 64081
	(816) 672-2654
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