[SLED] strategic question about SL course I start in May

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Our own SL Course for teacher adopts that kind of model, combining some
content in Moodle with synch sessions in SL. My experience with training
online has pretty much always been that deeper critical thinking tends to
happen asynchronously (in forums, for example), whilst the synch stuff often
serves a more phatic purpose. In SL, obviously the synch sessions are vital
and should be both enjoyable and creative / instructive.




From: Esme Qunhua
Subject: [SLED] strategic question about SL course I start in May


I am teaching a grad education course called Teaching and Learning in
Virtual Worlds that begins in May and continues to the first of August.  The
original plan was 7 synchronous in-SL classes every other week during the 13
week trimester.  Individual work and group discussion in moodle would occur
asynchronously in between the synch meet ups.

It just occurred to me that intensive in-world and team building work at the
start of the class might be advantageous.  What would you think of a
distance course that had 6 synch sessions weekly with emphasis on practical
aspects of virtual worlds and the remaining weeks asynch, focussing on the
theoretical.  Any feedback would be helpful.

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