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Excellent notes Chris! Seem to be right on the mark.

Thanks for sharing!!!

On Tue, Apr 1, 2008 at 10:44 AM, Chris Collins <chris.collins at uc.edu> wrote:

> Hi Jeremy,
> Glad to hear you were able to watch it with your students, I agree it was
> an exciting event!  I watched the stream live and shared thoughts with the
> SL Twitter community.  I've posted unedited notes from the hearing on my
> blog at http://fleeptuque.com - I hope the archive will be available soon!
> - Chris/Fleep
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> At 11:34 AM 4/1/2008, Jeremy Koester wrote:
> My thanks to Alan Levine and NMC for making this broadcast known.
> I watched the entire hearing and displayed it via projection device
> through my laptop to two of my 8th grade classes. I wanted to take the
> opportunity to share the experience with all of you.
> The students were engaged and interested in a Congressional Hearing much
> more than I anticipated. They had questions that I tried to answer while
> listening at the same time. Some students even asked to stay after class to
> continue watching and ask more questions. For me, this was an exciting event
> that allowed me to expose my students to a 'first' that many have overlooked
> as insignificant. The message to my students was that this is a huge first
> step in the future of communication, global connectedness and information
> technology application and interaction.
> If you didn't get to view or attend in world, the committee seemed mostly
> informed about the subject. The four 'witnesses' of Larry Johnson of NMC,
> Phillip Rosedale of Linden Lab, Colin Parris of IBM and Susan Tenby of
> TechSoup provided valuable information and timely responses to the issues
> and questions raised. I felt like the almost two hour presentation just
> barely touched the surface of potential and issues of using Virtual Worlds.
> My hope is that this is the beginning of a conversation and sparks
> decisions towards supportive legislation to benefit the global community's
> usage of 3D spaces.
>  Interested in other's feedback,
> Jeremy
> On Tue, Apr 1, 2008 at 1:18 AM, Alan Levine <alan at nmc.org> wrote:
>  On April 1(no joke), NMC CEO Larry Johnson (aka Larry Pixel) joins Philip
> Rosedale and other leaders to testify before the House Subcommittee on
> Telecommunications and the Internet, which is holding hearings on ""Online
> Virtual Worlds: Applications and Avatars in a User-Generated Medium":
> http://sl.nmc.org/2008/03/31/mrpixel/
> You can catch the hearings live (Windows Media only, get a clue?) starting
> 6:30 am PST / 9:30 am EST http://tinyurl.com/2tzfup
> We've published Larry's submitted remarks in CommentPress format, where
> you can comment on each paragraph:
> http://wp.nmc.org/mrpixel
> A big day for virtual worlds (maybe, it is Congress after all)!
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