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The problem is simply that there was no heads up. One might for example not
have time to get ones VAT-number in there before the next billing gets done
and thus end up having to mess with trying to get money back et.c. A simple
note a couple of weeks in advance "Please enter your VAT numbers since we
will be charging VAT from XX date" wouldnt have hurt. Most of the people
active as educators should be exempt from VAT from what I understand, so I
don't think there are a whole lot of "free riders" on this list.

And yes, I think its LLs responsibility to inform people of what laws apply
in their countries if its something that conserns their service. If they
have the info, which they should have if they are doing business with these
countries, I see no reason why they should not share it in an effort for
everybodys SL-experiences to be the best they can be. All people dont know
all the laws of their countries and claiming that they should will not
change that fact.


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I was under the impression that the VAT was an EU monetary and trade
matter over which LL was simply complying?
I'm not defending LL here. But they've been accused of "slapping on"
or "adding a tax without notice," etc. My understanding was that the
overseas VAT has been on the EU books for around 3 years.

with all due respects to folks in other countries . . . is it really
LL's responsibility to notify you of the ways that your laws will be
applied by US companies doing business with you under the terms of
your EU's taxation laws? Further, aren't you at least a little better
off in that LL took so long to assess the taxes on your bill? DIdn't
you get a "free ride" from those taxes for up to 3 years?

Maybe I misunderstand the circumstances. If so, I apologize.

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