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Hi folks

actually the NEA article is rather dated and lacks substance and depth. Marc Prensky's book Digital Game-Based Learning has been out since late 2000 with a recent pb edition this year. If one goes to the book on amazon or one of his websites games2train.com you will find access to a host of articles he has published and be overwhelmed with references for the use of games/sims from preK to gray and be able to get into the literature. On the Horizon, http://www.emeraldinsight.com/oth.htm has done two special issues on games/sims. The guest editor, Drew Davidson
has revised the articles for an open access volume on the internet. (Marc is on the OTH editorial board.

All the research literature shows that games/sims are serious learning tools whether computer based or not. And the number of these that are not digital is large. In a recent book on the history of development it was pointed out that simulations of how to run a steel plant by having workers to be in open fields pretending what to do allowed these plants to be built and run competitively. Also, this was a tactic used by the North Vietnamese in their efforts to defeat the French and later the United States. Games and sims can work in click or brick space and one does not need to license expensive games - imagination is free.

Many museums, especially science museums have games/sims in their exhibits and offer programs.



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I thought you might be
interested in an article from NEA I helped
provide background and resources for:


Educators Got Game

Put the skepticism on pause. Video games just may have a place in your
classroom after all.


The interview came about last summer after the author found
resources I had created on the web. 

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