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There was an experiment some months back where someone built such a thing.. 


>From memory, it was called Autopoiesis Onomatopoeia 


Perhaps its still available somewhere




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The idea of simple AI driven figures interests me.  Taking a quick look at
the scripting tutorials suggests that they should be able to parse the the
chat channel.  I would be very surprised of spmebpdy had not already done
this somewhere in SL.  Check for AI special Interest Groups?  Search Google
for SL+AI?


Of course, if you want the figures to respond the speech, you are probably
back to using actors.  It will be a long time before speech recognition can
be that good in SL.


I hope you let us know where you get with this.


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I'm positive that using such client would violate TOS; I also agree that
camping is increasingly seen as a bad habit to increase traffic ranking, and
many people are starting to avoid camped SIMs.

The thing that doesn't violate TOS for sure is not avatars, but animated
objects with human shape, although their behaviour is very poor compared to
avatars' one. 

Hope it helps. :-)

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Some people are using cut down client software that can sustain multiple
connections to link to avatar accounts. These bots are generally not very
mobile and are mainly of use as mannequins on pose balls. I couldn't tell
you where to find the clients but they are open source as far as I am aware.
There may also be an issue with the TOS regarding using them anywhere other
than a private sim with permission from the owner, however this is a fairly
vague area.

Another way people get round this is to create Camping "Chairs" from pose
balls that create the activity you want to have occurring. This is dependant
on someone wanting to camp on your land and of course also requires you to
give money out to get your campers. Camping can cause community issues as
some residents see it as a way of gaming the traffic rating for a plot.
Hope that helps,


Paul Fishwick wrote: 

Does anyone know of virtual humans (with the possibility for 
script control) for sale within Second Life? We have 
a developing cultural immersion project where we need to place 
several humans in the appropriate environment. 

I see 3 options: 

1. Multiple human-controlled avatars (the default option in SL) 

2. Create duplicate avatars and then try to control them via script 
   to achieve  "AI" (similar to the approach used in the 
   dancing platforms or pose objects) 

3. Use a human "object" (virtual human) that is script-controlled - does 
   anyone sell these? 

#1 seems the best but requires live actors to play the roles necessary to 
achieve cultural immersion. 

#2 is problematic since one has to manually sign in as a duplicate for 
all humans required in the environment. I also realize that this practice is

discouraged by LL. 

#3 might work if there were the same sorts of animations and gestures that 
exist for avatars. I've looked in  <http://shop.onrez.com/> shop.onrez.com
and cannot find anything. 



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