[SLED] Streaming Live Video into S.L. (Clarification)

Larry Havenstein lhavenst at oznet.ksu.edu
Mon Sep 24 11:18:53 PDT 2007

For what we have done so far, we used QuickTime Broadcaster.   We are not a full 
Macintosh shop but we do have a MacBook Pro we share for testing and special projects 
and that works fine.   We plug a firewire DV camera into the MacBook and use 
Broadcaster to the streaming server.    As a side note we also have the same server 
computer running Windows Media Server and often the events we stream in QuickTime 
are also streaming in Windows Media.   Requires a Windows notebook and another 
camera.    The point I am making is the server need not be dedicated to having only the 
QuickTime Streaming server on it.

On 24 Sep 2007 at 11:01, Alan Levine wrote:

The streaming server (available for many server platforms) is one piece of the puzzle.
The other part is having the software that can encode a video source (Dv camera, or the 
screen itself) and send that signal to your server, which in turn broadcasts it out to SL or 
any web viewers.. Again, on the Mac, there is the free QuickTime Broadcaster. Another 
option, that works for Mac and Windows, is Wirecast 
(http://www.varasoftware.com/products/wirecast/) - I have used the Mac version, but they 
do have a Windows one- there is a free trial version so you can see if it works. It's a 
rather nicely done app that allows you to live switch between say a desktop application 
and a web cam - some notes from my use of it last month for a live event: 

Do not forget as well the bandwidth needs for your server hosting a live stream- each 
avatar that views is another data stream, so you need a good net connection for your 
server, not something running at home on DSL. 

On Sep 24, 2007, at 8:17 AM, Kevin Feenan wrote: 

    What are you using for the live streaming part? I'm on a Vista machine and trying to find software that 
    will stream QT formats seems to be either very expensive or nigh impossible. If you are running M 


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