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Jeremy Kemp jeremykemp at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 20 12:15:38 PDT 2007

See ROME - 
And the AMAZING possibility that this model with make
possible: "a “moderated wiki” for Rome scholars to
use as an online forum. Archaeologists can add or
change buildings or monuments as new evidence is
unearthed..." Imagine that!!!!

See rome - 
And the AMAZING possibility that this learning object
will make possible: immediately usable (for 1/500th
the expense - guessing) that students in informal
groups may access on their home PCs to discuss basic
issues around Rome as experienced in-your-face.

Better yet - use the SL sim as a rapid prototype
experiment with different aspects of this more
expensive model. How will Web 2.0 social interactivity
grow around such a model and what lessons may be
applied from the cheap, rough model to the expensive,
high fidelity model?

Old-school VR researchers cringe at SL (as I have
witnessed in person) and dismiss it as Plebeian and
dangerously uncontrollable. But the low cost of entry
and opportunities for informal social learning make it
a home run, IMHO.

As Connie Yowell said in her SLCC keynote: "Community
is the killer app."

I expect to see some middle ground here - SL-style
interactive communities inhabiting higher fidelity
models like this one as Moore's Law whisks us into
higher primsville.

Anyone have a 1.5Gb gcard? (Bernard Frischer of
UVirginia thanks gamers for "wasting all that time and

FYI: The set of realistic cityscapes is growing:
Morocco: http://tinyurl.com/246fq9
Dublin: http://www.dublinsl.com/index.php
Amsterdam: amsterdam/128/128
Egypt: http://tinyurl.com/2cyebm
San Diego: Diegoland/128/128

And I have a list on the wiki too. Any more?


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