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Games have been often created in computer programming as sample 
applications.  Now due to the expansive growth of the gaming industry, the 
mentality regarding the word "games" is changed.

I usually avoid referring to Second Life as a game due to the imagery 
associated with games now, however, my foremost reason is that Second Life 
is not a game.  I also use words the words coined by Ivan Sutherland of 
"virtual world" myself to refer to SL.  I find, Carloyn, that your choice 
of those words as generally recommendable. 

Other words I use are "platform", "simulator" or "3-D internet", depending 
on what emphasis I desire to communicate.  If I wish to draw someone in a 
conversation by an enigmatic term, I will refer to Second Life as the 

However, to speak about the other side of this about terminology, let me 
mention that Second Life does use game technology and could also, by some 
definitions, be categorized as a game.  The term "game" may be the correct 
word to use to describe SL in some topics.  SL can be counted as a gaming 
software and thus included in communities about computer games.  There are 
also other appropriate uses of the word "game" in reference to SL. 

Yes, I too, remember the old days too when computer games for kids was 
more emphaticly about writing them in Basic and Fortran than actually 
about playing them.  Made a career for me and such "games", I know, still 
do make careers for others.  Games are educating.

Theodore Ubhaus
Information Systems
Berkeley College

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Just a tip which may not be important in your location.  Here on our
campus the use of the term "game" causes problems - other, less
tech-savvy faculty see the term "game" as just that, fun maybe and
something to do in one's spare time, but not educational.  Terming
Second Life as a Virtual World rather than a game and making it clear
that you don't "win or lose" or gain ranks in Second Life has been
important as I make my case for use of it as an educational tool on
our campus.  Many of us may remember the 1970's simulation games for
education.  I participated in a class that used one on Urbanism and
learned much more than I would have ever learned from a textbook.
However, even that was a hard sell in those days.  I would be
interested in hearing other's comments about this.  Carolyn Lowe

On 9/18/07, Elisheva BarAm <eli7eb at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi educators,
> I am a game designer. Writing my master degree in the field of 
> Games.
> I am new to secondlife...I love it...especially when it is used for
> educational, serious, and enjoyable and compassionate purposes,
> I am teaching a training course for teachers at Beit Berl college school 
> multidisciplinary studies,
> (http://www.beitberl.ac.il/engDataPages/DataPagesPreview.asp?ID=2793
> )
> Since the main objective of the training is to show teachers how they 
> use computer games for better learning, I thought of using SL as a tool 
> the course.
> The college has agreed to buy land. And I am now ready to begin.
> Any suggestions. advices are welcome of where I should begin (I did go
> through Orientation Island).
> Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you.
> Elisheva
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> Elisheva Eshkar BarAm 09-8663365
> pob 44 Givat Shapira Israel    42912
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