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Gavin Dudeney gavin.dudeney at theconsultants-e.com
Wed Sep 19 02:51:25 PDT 2007


Yes, speaking for other people can be dangerous....

We're talking about features here, to an extent. One 'feature' I can't use
is voice. Whenever I enable voice everyone hears me perfectly, but their
voices break up for me and my SL performance drops to the point where things
don't rez for over a minute, avatars coming into range simply fail to
appear, etc. This despite 512MB of video memory (supported card), 3GB Ram
and a DSL line that reports at 9089 downstream and 510 upstream. I've met
nobody else that suffers from this, but would dearly love a solution as I'm
trying to do training sessions and it's making it difficult. I've tried
reinstalling, clearing cache, using a different machine running XP instead
of Vista... but always the same.

Now that makes me disadvantaged in certain circumstances, so I'm not getting
- as you suggest - " one system that works and behaves the same for
everybody" - but I'm not saying voice is a bad thing, or saying we should
all think very carefully about how it might ruin our user experience because
quite clearly it's working for a lot of people, and is extremely useful to a
lot of people. Equally, there are people who can't (or don't want to) use it
- and that is there choice, largely.

SL is not globally user-friendly. It has the same disadvantages as many
other systems - it can sometimes be less than ideal for people with hearing
difficulties, visual difficulties, dyslexic people... all manner of people
and all manner of situations. This, to my mind, is where Jeremy's point
doesn't hold water. Flash is no more proprietary nor more demanding on
upgrades than SL is.

You say Flash can be demanding on system resources - but the same is true of
SL. In that respect, I agree with Nik Peachey's posting in which he pointed
out that one can change 'Flash' for 'SL' in Jeremy's posting and pretty much
wind up with the same message.

Or is there something some of us are missing?

Best wishes,



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