[SLED] advice for new member

Denise Wood Denise.Wood at unisa.edu.au
Tue Sep 18 20:35:48 PDT 2007

Hi everyone

I am new to both SL and to this listserv so still learning what SL has
to offer in education terms (though of course I have been reviewing the
growing body of literature regarding the pedagogical benefits from a
constructive perspective). I am keen to trial in some modules within my
courses and am seeking funding to purchase an island and maintain it for
12 months. According to the information at the SL Grid, educational
institutions are eligible for 50% discount. Does that apply only to the
purchase of an island (or land) or to both purchase and monthly
maintenance fees?

Secondly, the site states that SL code is open source, but we can't find
any links to download files. Does anyone know if (a) the code is indeed
open source as indicated on the site and (b) where to download it?

Kind regards


Dr. Denise Wood
Senior Lecturer and Program Director (Media Arts)
& Magill Campus Director for MBIA and MBIC programs
University of South Australia
School of Communication
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