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I don't know how "edgy" accounting can be, but I've created two interactive models on Teaching 4.  Take a look at these videos to see if they would be of use:  http://reallyengagingaccounting.vodpod.com/

Alan Levine <alan at nmc.org> wrote: I'm facing the V-challenge next month with some sessions I am doing  
in Australia, and while hoping for the opportunity for live demos,  
will be prepping the canned shows with photos and videos.

Videos make an impact, but I am wary of showing too many; if I were  
in the audience, I would wonder why I am sitting there watching  
something I could watch elsewhere, so I tend to use them as a set up  
or something I can talk over as they play.

But nothing makes more of a bang when you can run a successful live  
demo (though I agree it is not worth the fumbling for a 15 minute  
total presentation time). I will be posting some times that I hope to  
connect to a virtual audience during my sessions next month, as it  
makes a difference when people are there when you finally are able to  
connect through strange networks, etc.

I have my set of well known favorite SL Education spots or can pilfer  
them from the great list Sean and Jo Kay have harvested http:// 
sleducation.wikispaces.com/educational uses  -- but am also  
interested in pointing to perhaps some new, maybe more obscure  
locations that might intrigue educator, offer special interactivity,  
or highlight a unique use of SL... What are some of your more edgy  
examples (PG audience, please ;-)


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