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Hello, and welcome, Elisheva!


You will most likely want to check out NMC campus (I don't have the SLurl
handy for this, but if you IM me in-world, I can give it to you), but I
would also suggest a conversation with KJ Hax and/or Laelia Laval in-world
regarding SLolar Central.  It is a program for new teachers in-world that
focuses on basic skills, collaborative efforts and knowledge needed to get
you up and running.  You can IM them in-world for more information.  Another
great source of useful information for you would be Veritas Variscan.IM her
as soon as you can!


And feel free to come to ISTE
<http://www.slurl.com/secondlife/ISTE%20Island/90/80/30>  Island, also.that
is the SL home for the International Society of Technology in Education
<http://www.iste.org/> .  You will find many educators there who can also
assist you with what you need!


Much success!




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Hi educators,


I am a game designer. Writing my master degree in the field of Educational


I am new to secondlife...I love it...especially when it is used for
educational, serious, and enjoyable and compassionate purposes,


I am teaching a training course for teachers at Beit Berl college school of
multidisciplinary studies,
(http://www.beitberl.ac.il/engDataPages/DataPagesPreview.asp?ID=2793 )

Since the main objective of the training is to show teachers how they can
use computer games for better learning, I thought of using SL as a tool for
the course.


The college has agreed to buy land. And I am now ready to begin. 


Any suggestions. advices are welcome of where I should begin (I did go
through Orientation Island).


Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you.



Elisheva Eshkar BarAm 09-8663365
pob 44 Givat Shapira Israel    42912 

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