[SLED] Your [Top 5] feature requests for SL - yes WE can make a difference - TOGETHER!

Eloise Pasteur eloisepasteur at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 06:35:18 PDT 2007

I've been thinking about this a bit... and I have sympathy for both  
sides of the argument.

I would, wholeheartedly agree with Jeremy we need to consider the  
negative impacts of a change as well as the positives.

I think there are several that are being ignored. Firstly, what  
browser behaviour do you expect? Even if you're out there in PC land  
you've got choices other than IE, on the mac, I have have several  
dozen and I've tried most of them! All of them are attractive in  
parts, and what I want is a browser that does ALL of the good  
features and none of the bad, but remains lean and fast. Yes, I know  
this is, in essence, impossible. So, I wouldn't complain if this  
perfect browser, with full interaction came into SL, probably, even  
though I might not use it much (although I might).

What I'd love to have MORE though, is tools in SL to collaborate and  
display well formatted text. I would love the ability to work with a  
student on a script where we both see the script, work on it  
cooperatively, and stay within SL so we can test it too. I'd love to  
be able to present lists, headings and things - not necessarily the  
whole richness of html, but the kind of choices you get in something  
like wikispaces so you can make the text easier to read would be  
great. (Bold, italics, 3 levels of heading, ordered and unordered  
lists, indents basically).

SL is often about things other than presenting text - we have  
alternate routes to do that, and routes that do it a lot more  
reliably and efficiently IMO. But to say that SL should be a 100%  
text free medium is taking a step or 5 too far for me. People in most  
societies, even dyslexic people and blind people, use the written  
word a lot. Giving us better tools to work with that, excellent move.

If I had to choose between html on a prim and displaying scripts in  
world and better text display tools, I'd go for the latter. If the  
only way to have the latter is to have the former too, not a problem  
for me.


On 17 Sep 2007, at 13:47, Jeremy Hunsinger wrote:

> On Sep 17,
>> But I can see the potential for interesting uses of "browser on a
>> prim," particularly if those web pages had ways of affecting and  
>> being
>> affected by the prim they are sitting on. After all, if you are
>> effectively including a browser in the SL client, there is no reason
>> you should be limited to HTML & CSS. It should be possible to include
>> hooks back into LSL, and provide some interesting programmatic
>> interfaces to SL. I imagine that if people could create behaviors in
>> SL by programming the interface on their web page--in their web
>> programming language of choice--it would open the door to interesting
>> services in SL. It might also provide ways of reinterpreting some of
>> those more traditional applications in interesting ways.
> I agree, a deeper richer api structure might be just as fruitful.   
> i don't think that should necessarily be html on a prim though.   
> some people already do fantastic things with web-sl and outside/ 
> inside interfaces.   one example of that is the literature factory  
> another is the gaia tracking systems.  you have a simple web  
> interfacing system already.  there are other possibilities too for  
> advanced web interfaces between sl and the web.  they could be made  
> easier of course.
>> - Alex
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