[SLED] Your [Top 5] feature requests for SL - yes WE can make a difference - TOGETHER!

Rochelle Mazar rochelle at mazar.ca
Mon Sep 17 05:22:49 PDT 2007

Jeremy wasn't telling anyone s/he shouldn't do something...he was  
responding to a request for a collective top 5 feature requests. As  
part of the collective, I think he (and I, and you) have a right to  
express an opinion about what should and shouldn't be in the top  
five. Right?

Personally I think the problem with creating a web browser in world  
is that it locks us into the status quo and doesn't push us to think  
about how we can leverage the space itself to create a new kind of  
experience for students. Hey, if you want to have prims that show  
fuzzy versions of websites that only those with the very best  
graphics cards can read, go to it; I'd rather see someone leave the  
web to the web and create a new kinds of tool for presenting and  
interacting with information in SL in a way that's native to SL.  
There are lots of great examples in world where instructors have  
taken good advantage of the space as a space, and if we're talking  
about requesting the top 5 features that LL could give us that would  
make that easier to do, I'd rather see something on the list that  
would have a greater impact and would fit seamlessly into the  

I'd love to see a real collaborative space in SL; what do you think   
a 3-D wiki would look like?

R. (a dreaded administrator)

On 17-Sep-07, at 12:52 AM, Bryan Carter wrote:

> I usually don't jump into these sorts of debates but Jeremy, you  
> have it a cord that has kinda forced my hand. Unfortunately Jeremy,  
> you are beginning to sound a bit like an administrator or someone  
> who believes they have a monopoly on pedagogy (no disrespect to  
> those administrators on this list...some of you are actually quite  
> cool...). If you step back a moment and listen/read what you have  
> written these last few posts, I imagine we all have heard something  
> like this when introducing SL or any other innovative technique in  
> our teaching and administrators told us that if we want to play  
> videogames, show movies, listen to music or do ppt in the  
> classroom, then go somewhere else or prove to me that it's  
> pedagogically sound...
> Jeremy, like many of the debates not too long ago regarding audio  
> in SL, it's interesting how we who are all doing some quite amazing  
> things in this environment actually have the nerve to tell someone  
> else who wants to do something different that he or she  
> shouldn't.....or that if he or she wants to do that then use  
> another platform....who are we to tell any of the others using SL  
> what should or should not be part of his or her methodology? That  
> runs counter to the encouraging and productive spirit I believed  
> this list was about...
> Believe it or not Jeremy, I don't believe if html on a prim were an  
> "option" that we could use in our tool chest, that it would be  
> everywhere...but why not make it available for those who would like  
> to use it in whatever way they choose??....just my 2 cents but it  
> makes me wonder that if other "options" were made availble to us,  
> how many would cry kicking and screaming about how this or that  
> should not be a part of something we all love...
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> On Sep 16, 2007, at 11:33 PM, Jeremy Hunsinger wrote:
>>> On 9/17/07, Tim Thompson <thompsotd at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> To all of Jeremy's "why do that?"s, I say "why not?"
>> I thought I explained why not.   I argued that the web is built on  
>> foundationally different principles which contain certain values  
>> which will overright the values and productivities we already  
>> have.   From my experience... if you give someone or show someone  
>> 2d stuff in the 3d world... it tends not to have the effect of  
>> "that's cool"  it is more along the lines of why are you making me  
>> do this here?
>> If you want html on a prim, go to a different world where it is  
>> already present, see if you like that world, see if it embodies  
>> the same values as sl, why or why not.  i argue that it cannot,  
>> because you are bringing in highly informational media, that is  
>> nonetheless cold.   the media we have in second life now is hot,  
>> you want to explore it, but i don't think that you are going to  
>> find anyone that wants to explore a 500 pages user manual in  
>> world, or a webpage of any depth or sophistication.  now you might  
>> claim to want that, but you've not tried it, there are virtual  
>> experiences that let you do just that.  see if you can build the  
>> same community around art and architecture there.... the same  
>> community around great 3d designs...
>> if you can... more power too you, because I currently posit that  
>> it is impossible to build and sustain a community based on  
>> aesthetics in an informational world.  in short, if you bring html  
>> on a prim into second life.. we won't have second life, we'll have  
>> second web.  if you want second web go try croquet http:// 
>> www.opencroquet.org/index.php/Main_Page  see if it is what you  
>> really want.  but don't go running off thinking that this is the  
>> greatest idea since plywood on prims, it has deep and very serious  
>> implications for second life, both infrastructurally and for  
>> community and education, and i don't think the promoters are even  
>> thinking about the negative implications.
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