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Hi Jeremy,

I think there are many collaborative benefits about web on a prim.

I'll list them below:

Web on a prim would:

Enable the ability to collaboratively edit multiple documents in one session
with multiple people in REAL time
Currently our messaging input resides to the chat bar in the secondlife
client.  When we press enter, the message either gets sent so everyone can
read it - just as they would in a chat room, or gets fed to a listening
Imagine the ability to have a prim that google docs loaded on it - and
several avatars in the room viewing the document.  In this situation,
multiple people could review the document, and start adding their edits
in real time - WHILE being in the same room to discuss the changes they are

Or imagine, a group of business people sitting at a virtual round table,
with a laptop prim infront of them editing a document and discussing it at
the same time.

- Benefits:
- allow for REAL TIME collaboration and document editing in SL
- this would benefit all industries

Validity to businesses wishing to add a virtual presence to their existing
web site, and reduce duplication of content
Imagine the case where you sell widgets on your website, but want your
customers to understand your product better by producing it in the virtual
However, you dont want to have to reproduce all of your web content in SL -
now, all you would need to do - is bring the browser into sl, and put a
virtual suit on.  Then you could talk with your customers virtually, and
hold their hand while they navigate your website.

To understand where I am coming from, I think you need to delve into the
vision of the internet3d, i3d, or web 3d.

I believe that SL is the first glimpse we all have of the 'new' internet.  A
web where you dont necessarily have to interact with alone, but instead can
experience together - as we do in sl, when an av flies up to you and starts
This is my reasoning behind web-on-a-prim - so that we can step closer to
this vision, and increase our collaboration.

anyhow, let me know your thoughts on this - i appreciate your input

On 9/16/07, Jeremy Hunsinger <jhuns at vt.edu> wrote:
> >
> > Here's my top 5
> >
> > 1)  Html on a prim Click here----->
> > http://secondlife.com/vote/vote.php?get_id=1145
> >
> >            Provide the ability to show a website on a prim
> I think html on a prim is a very bad idea.  it is far better to allow
> students to use the computers to view html content in a browser
> window in world or out of world.  if you need typeface on a prim, use
> a texture.  the real problem this will create is the tendency to put
> information on a prim and expect people to read it.  i'm not sure if
> you've noticed, but it is hard to read many things on a prim because
> of light, clouds, and other effects.  even if it becomes easier to
> read a prim... do you really want people going into a virtual world
> so that they have to stand in one place to read something?   i mean
> really?  doesn't that defeat the purpose... couldn't you just use a
> website, send them paper?
> >
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